About the Country

Ukraine became independent in 1991 with the autumn of the Soviet Union. The modification in economy and political structure from the Soviet Union to a freelance country created lives of the people very tough within the initial years however shortly, Ukraine coped with the modification and emerged as a productive economy and a prosperous country. Located in Japanese Europe, Ukraine is the largest country inside the continent. It’s Russia on its east, Poland, European country and Hungary on the west, ocean and Sea of Azov to the south and south-east and Romania and Moldova to the south-west. Culture in Ukraine is greatly influenced by Christianity and therefore the culture of its near countries.

MBBS in Ukraine

Ukraine is one of the best destinations for superb education at affordable and reasonable pricing. International students find Ukraine more to their liking to Study MBBS in Ukraine. Many students look for good options to pursue their education in medicine. Educational System of Ukraine offers a promising and productive by providing students with higher level of education future. At present, the country is enjoying enormous popularity. youngsters UN agency learn sensible square measure they’re interested in the extremely economical and state of the art system to supply education to universities in Ukraine a number of the advantages obtained by a student learning in any of the most important universities in Ukraine. Study MBBS in Ukraine at low cost. We provide best for Indian students to get MBBS Admission in Ukraine. We have included colleges, endorsed by MCI, WHO, IMED.

Opportunity to experience high-quality education system in Ukraine is commendable.  The standard of education in Ukrainian universities is incredibly high. Students are given a tremendous opportunity to learn, grow and develop their skills and knowledge in their respective fields. The courses offered at universities in Ukraine square measure recognised worldwide. All courses square measure medical, artistic, technical, or square measure recognised by major nations like the North American country, Europe, Asia, UK, Africa and lots of others. The undergraduate and medical degree offered at major universities in Ukraine are well recognised by the United Nations Organization – WHO PLAB (UK), UNESCO, USMLE (United States), across Europe and other major global organizations. Therefore, students have the advantage of studying and practising under the guidance of the coordinators with expertise in the ministry of health and welfare of Ukraine.

Benefits of MBBS in Ukraine

Here are the most benefits of learning MBBS in Ukraine:

  • MBBS Ukraine in low fee
  • MBBS in Ukraine remains a high level of education and also the lecturers here are all extremely qualified.
  • No admission take a look at is needed to enter most schools and universities. The admission method is extremely straightforward.
  • Ukraine is part of the Bologna method that guarantees a particular level of education, quality assurance and consultative councils of direction.
  • World ranking of Ukrainian universities is high in the majority fields.
  • Most Ukrainian universities are recognized by international agencies and organizations like WHO additionally called philosopher Directory Medical, IMED International Medical Education Directory FAIMER, UN agency and also the AMEE.
  • Students World Health Organization have completed their medical studies in Ukraine are allowed to use for exams just like the USMLE Licensing International (USA), PLAB (UK), MCI Screening take a look at, and alternative licensing exams going down altogether the world.
  • Scope of analysis and elaborate study within the chosen subject is large in Ukraine.
  • Most universities in Ukraine have the scope to study post-doctorate, so permitting students to manoeuvre seamlessly from one level to a different graduation.
  • Guest lecturers and visiting professors of Ukrainian universities together with world-renowned professors and professionals WHO work and are able to share his large expertise with young minds.
  • Several of the skilled courses like medicine is obtainable at a lot of lower prices within the universities of Ukraine, compared with elsewhere in Europe.
  • The value of living is additionally low in Ukraine. A student with a mediocre life will survive by defrayment around 100USD – 200 USD per month.
  • The value of living is additionally low in Ukraine. A student with a mediocre life will survive by defrayment around 100USD – 200 USD per month.
  • The climate of Ukraine is moderate throughout the year so build life easier.
  • Ukraine has signed a bilateral agreement student with countries like European nation, Sweden, Czech Republic and different thus it’s easier for college students to manoeuvre and study MBBS in Europe.
  • An enormous country with a range of landscapes and vivacious culture, Ukraine is a beautiful destination for those curious about travelling. Students would create the foremost of your vacation exploring the country had chosen to review.


  • Quality Education.
  • The effective cost.
  • European standard Life.
  • Higher job prospects.
  • English medium of education
  • Courses known worldwide (WHO, UNESCO, European Council).
  • Worldwide approval of the mode of education of Ukraine.
  • One of the best transportation systems in Europe.
  • International Students enjoy approximately 50% discount on travel.
  • Enriching experience through visiting professors from USA, Canada, UK and Europe.
  • Bilateral Exchange Program Students Universities UK, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Czech Republic
  • Three Months Summer Jobs throughout vacation in countries like U.K., SWEDEN.
  • The possibilities of residence and permanent settlement in Europe after the completion of the study program.
  • 100% Secured VISA deserving candidates.

Eligibility Criteria

For Indian Students:

60% in PCB (Physics, Chemistry & Biology) in Board exam of 10+2 and good marks in English as a Compulsory Subject.

Course Fee

Start from 19 Lakhs INR for The Whole Course

Medical College in Unkraine